SaleSource Dropshipping Services

Due to the high demand SaleSource Dropshipping Services are only available to customers who have an account with SaleSource.
Store Review

Our conversion experts will do a thorough Shopify Store Review, giving you detailed guidance & support on navigation, images, branding, links, information pages, winning products, basic site setup, speed checks, desktop & mobile optimisation, SEO & customer first impressions.

Shopify Bug / Error Fixing, Custom Theme Editing & Coding Tasks

Our experienced Shopify Web Developers will fix any small bugs / issues with your store & do custom coding.

Professional Store Logo Creation

Our experts will create a high converting logo for you to represent your brand in the real world.

High Converting Product Video Creation

Our experts will create a high converting video for you to drive traffic & sales.

Facebook Ad Copywriting

Our experts will create three bespoke ad copies to drive traffic & sales to your brand.

Remove Powered By Shopify From Store

Our experts will remove Powered By Shopify from your store and replace it with your own brand identity.

Shopify Mega Menu / Navigation Design

We will design a multi-tier megamenu or navigation bar to hold the products of your store, so that customers can go to the right place and buy the right item.

Shopify Product Descriptions That Sell

We will write 10 high converting product descriptions guaranteed to get your products sales.

Google Analytics Setup

We will set up Google Analytics for deep Shopify tracking & analysis and integrate Google Analytics with Google Ads for display remarketing.

FAQ Section

We will create a bespoke FAQ section to reduce returns & refunds, reduce customer complaints & boost conversions by clearly communicating brand message to customers.

Increase Website Speed

Our experts will boost your site speed to boost conversions and make scaling with Facebook ads more effective.

Fix Facebook Pixel Double Add To Cart Bug

Our experts will fix all Facebook Pixel bugs relating to double tracking conversions, or not tracking conversions at all.

Product Description Tabs Setup

Our experts will create bespoke product description tabs to organise information for your customers.


You can find the services you need by browsing our catalogue. Once you find a what you want, visit the page for more information, such as a description of the service, portfolio or samples of work, and pricing. If you have specific questions, you need to write them during the order placement stage, so there is no confusion from the start. When you feel you’ve found what you need, simply proceed with placing your order.
Yes we will. It’s worth noting, however, that we’re only going to work on one task at a time, per store and according to the specified completion time. This means that we aren’t going to work with big task that would require us to break it down (which would take away valuable time from our developers). It is worth noting that whilst we work with all types of Shopify stores, our service is catered towards live stores that need quick, professional help.
From the moment your task is accepted, it should take the amount of time allotted on the task list. It is possible for tasks to be completed more quickly than this, but also more slowly.
We will reject any task that we reckon we won’t be able to finish in 3 hours. For this reason we won’t accept tasks like complete store set up, whole page re-designs or repetitive data entry.
In cases where a task is purchased, but for some reason is refused (ie takes longer than 3 hours or falls out of scope with our service) you will still be able to use your available credit on another task or alternatively receive a full refund. In cases where we already started working on your task or finished, refund is possible as well, but will need to be discussed on case by case basis, so don’t hesitate getting in touch with us. We believe that good communication can solve any problem. Please get in touch with us first, before issuing a chargeback with your bank.
We do not currently handle store setups, as we believe it is best for the owner of the store to play a major role in the stores inception and design. In the future, it is possible we will offer a limited amount per month.