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Recommended Retail Price

The list price or RRP is the amount that we recommend you sell your dropshipping product for on your store. This price can vary, but we recommend that you stay within the recommended price range for optimum sales results.

If you require additional guidance on your prices, you can use SaleSource's competitor search to view all other stores selling a product and check their list prices as a reference.

Cost Per Acquisition

The cost per acquisition is how much money you have to spend to get a sale for a given product. In the dropshipping business model, most of this money is going to be spent driving traffic to your website via paid advertising.

This figure is a guide on how much you can spend to get a given sale and still remain profitable. More expensive products are typically easier to sell because of this, as more money can be spent on advertising per sale.


Profit is simply what is left after all expenses have been taken away from the total revenue. In dropshipping product costs, advertising costs and shipping costs are the main expenses.

You can keep profits high by finding suppliers with better prices using SaleSource and also using SaleSource to market your product better, leading to cheaper costs per acquisition.

Total Product Price
The total product price is simply the sum of the shipping cost and product price. It represents the total cost to buy a product on behalf of a customer.

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