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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Winning Dropshipping Products on Aliexpress In 2020

Adam Eleiko  \ 20/12/2019


Dropshipping from AliExpress has generated billions of dollars in revenue for sellers across the globe. AliExpress is one of the most popular places to find products to sell online. It's easy to see why, AliExpress has one of the biggest product selections, safe payments and a buyer friendly return & refund policy.

In this article, we're going to explore exactly how to find the best products to sell on AliExpress, how to find proven, trusted suppliers and how to easily find reviews & marketing materials to help you sell your product. But first, let's take a look at why you should buy your dropshipping products from AliExpress:

Why AliExpress Is The Best Website To Find & Buy Dropshipping Products

AliExpress has many benefits for beginner and intermediate dropshippers and is much more suitable for scaling and testing than smaller dropshipping providers or directories.

AliExpress is a platform that has stood the test of time, and in recent years has become even easier to dropship from - with more and more suppliers providing services and products that meet the needs of dropshippers (fast shipping, USA shipping, free returns and refunds, product videos).

Large community support - software & resources

salesource dropshipping tool

AliExpress is one of the most popular ecommerce websites on the Internet, and therefore has huge software support and many available resources to learn from. There is an abundance of blogs, guides, courses and videos on how to use AliExpress & related software efficiently.

Thanks to this, finding information or software that can meet your dropshipping needs is easy - but only if you are sourcing your products from AliExpress.

Ecommerce platforms like SaleSource, Shopify, Oberlo, Dropified, Importified and AliDropship all have deep support and integrations with AliExpress, which can help sellers import products and fulfill orders with the click of a button.

Later in this article, we will see how the SaleSource Chrome Extension makes finding dropshipping products on AliExpress much easier.

Enormous Product Selection

AliExpress has over 100 million products listed and thousands of new products are added every day. AliExpress is the go-to place for Chinese suppliers to display their goods to the global audience - you'll be hard pressed to find other websites with such a large and varied product selection.

There are over 10,000 specific product categories ranging from consumer electronics to baby toys. It is almost guaranteed that you will find a product that will fit your target interest group on AliExpress.

To contrast this, dropshipping directories from manufacturers typically only sell products in a narrow market, with limits on markups and other rules to follow - perhaps even legal agreements to sign.

It is unfortunately also possible for suppliers to discontinue a specific product even if you are still receiving orders on your store, a problem you do not have to worry about on AliExpress - there can be many suppliers selling the same product, all competing to give you the best price.

No Transaction Fees or Extra Costs

AliExpress is completely free to browse and it is also completely free to import products into your store from AliExpress. Payment is only needed when you wish to purchase a product. There are no transaction fees paid by the buyer, and AliExpress has an extensive rewards & cashback program, as well as a great affiliate program to help you save even more money when sourcing your products & scaling your store.

In contrast to this, not only do dropshipping directories charge a fee - usually monthly, but they may also charge extra transaction fees on top of the product cost. In addition to this, dropshipping directories and suppliers reserve the rights to charge you any other fees they wish - for example, a fee to return a defective product or a fee for fulfilling more of your orders than expected.

When dropshipping from AliExpress, the suppliers are only guaranteed to receive the price you paid for the product. They cannot ask for more money, and must fulfill your order fully (where the order is marked as delivered on the tracking platform) before they receive funds from your purchase. Returns & refunds have to be dealt with by your supplier properly, or they risk having their feedback score lowered.

AliExpress wants to be transparent with buyers on their platform, and so they provide detailed statistics and metrics on each supplier - for example, the number of years the supplier has been in business, the suppliers feedback score (from reviews & ratings), in order to help buyers make an informed decision of which supplier to buy from.

aliexpress dropshipping tool supplier data

No Legal Requirements

legal writing man pen old man boomer

Many large manufacturers or dropshipping distributors prefer to have legal contracts with the companies that they work with. This means that you'll have to be a registered business entity in your country. Some of these companies even refuse to work with businesses in countries outside the USA / UK.

Whereas on AliExpress, there are absolutely no legal requirements or obligations when working with a supplier. You can work with as many suppliers as you want - there are no minimum order quantities, no maximum product markups and no maximum or minimum sales per day.

Sell Globally

Most AliExpress suppliers have shipping options that can reach almost every country in the world. As well as having specialised USA warehouses and USA shipping available for those who need it, AliExpress has ePacket, which offers 7-20 day shipping to over 55 countries and territories.

In addition this, suppliers usually various shipping options that result in 20-40 day free shipping to almost any country around the globe. This allows your dropshipping business to sell internationally without complicated shipping agreements and high costs. With AliExpress, it is possible to compare suppliers by shipping options and price and choose the supplier that offers the best deal for you.

In contrast to this, dropshipping directories may not offer international shipping - especially those based outside of China. You may also have to pay shipping per item, in contrast to AliExpresses free shipping options.

Finding Winning Products on AliExpress

Using The Aliexpress Product Search Properly

There are two main ways to find products to sell on AliExpress - the first option is to browse through the home page and categories and the second option is to use the product search feature with the keyword that you're looking for.

Since using a keyword or search term is more precise, we will examine how to use this method effectively to find great products to sell online.

AliExpress dropshipping product search by orders

One of the best ways to make sure you instantly see products that are likely to sell is to sort by "Orders" instead of by Best Match. This allows us to see the top selling products first, which as you might imagine, is very useful when trying to find products that are going to sell well on your store.

In addition to this, we will also tick Free Shipping and ratings 4 Stars and up, which will enable us to see top rated suppliers only and exclude any bad products and suppliers, which could potentially hurt our dropshipping business.

Analyzing AliExpress Product Pages To Find Winners

SaleSource aliexpress dropshipping product summary via chrome extension

An AliExpress product page can have a lot of data on it, which tends to be very confusing for beginner dropshippers and AliExpress veterans alike. When you use the SaleSource Chrome Extension, you can see a summary of all of that data condensed into the key important aspects needed for you to make a purchase decision.

On the product details section, the main product data we'll be taking into consideration is:

  • Product Price
  • Is ePacket / USA shipping available?
  • Product Reviews (Text & Images)
  • Product Rating
  • Number of times added to wishlist

In the above example, we can see that despite the relatively high cost of the product, it is selling very well. In addition to this, there are a large amount of reviews and the average rating is above 4.5 Stars, which is what we want to see.

Even more encouraging is the 4800 adds to wishlist, which indicates that a high wishlist:purchase ratio. The only downside here is the overall high price of the product & lack of ePacket shipping.

Checking Supplier Details & Reliability

SaleSource aliexpress dropshipping supplier details via SaleSource Chrome Extension

By clicking on the "Supplier Details" tab on the SaleSource Chrome Extension we can see a compiled account of all of the important information about the supplier of the product.

The supplier has a 99% positive feedback score, which is excellent. In addition, the supplier has been in business for at least 1 year, which could ideally be longer, but is passable since the supplier has such a high feedback score.

We can also see the Best Selling and Trending products of this supplier - this section can be great to find extra products to list on your store related to the current product you are considering.

Looking At The Product Sales Graph

SaleSource aliexpress dropshipping sales graph via SaleSource Chrome Extension

In order to check whether a product has been selling well recently, we can check the sales graph to see a daily sales breakdown, in this case the breakdown covers the last 1000 orders of the product - almost the products entire sales lifespan.

From this sales graph we can see a huge boost after Black Friday, where the coat sold 127 units in a single day . Due to the continued sales success after Black Friday, we can surmise that this is indeed a great product to list on our Mens Fashion store.

Product Price History

salesource aliexpress dropshipping best seller price history via SaleSource chrome extension

By taking a look at the product price history, we can determine whether or not we are buying at a high cost. For this product, we would not encourage purchasing from this supplier, as they've increased their price from $13.12 to $19.02.

We can use SaleSource's product analysis feature to find another supplier selling the exact same item for a cheaper price.

SaleSource AliExpress dropshipping supplier comparison

Now we have reduced our buying cost by almost half, simply by searching for another supplier using SaleSource - having found the product for being sold for $9.82 instead of $19.02 from another supplier.

Searching for a better deal can have a profound impact on your stores profit margins, and we highly encourage doing so whenever possible.

Looking At Product Reviews

SaleSource download aliexpress product reviews alireviews

In order to inspect the quality of the product, it's good to have a look at the review photos. Unfortunately, AliExpress does not offer a way to download all of the full resolution images, but you can use the SaleSource Chrome Extension to do just this.

We recommend you go through as many full resolution review images as you can to determine the quality and style of the product is as advertised.

In addition to this, you can also download all the product videos & images associated with the AliExpress listing, so you can edit together a product video for marketing purposes.

The product video will also give you a good idea of what the product looks like and its features, which can be instrumental in making the decision of whether or not you should list this product on your store.

Final Words

There are many websites on which winning products can be found, we consider AliExpress to be one of the best, it is a proven site for finding top dropshiping products time and time again.

Using the tips in this article, you will be able to find products that sell well, solve customer problems and earn rave reviews. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with anyone who might be interested and help spread dropshipping knowledge throughout the community.

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